The Outspoken Travel Guidebook for Istanbul
by the people, for the people

The Outspoken Travel Guidebook for Istanbul
by the people, for the people

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    Best Markets in Istanbul

    Getting to know a city, especially one like Istanbul, requires going well beyond the must-do lists, and embracing the chaotic order of its daily life, mingling with crowds who are going about their day, without being ... read more

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    A Day Tour in Istanbul with Walks of Turkey

    Heading into my 5th year here in Istanbul, I am often asked by curious people why I  choose to live here. My consistent reply is always that Turkey is a beautiful country with so many natural ... read more

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    Best Souvenir Ideas From Istanbul

    Drop that overpriced airport Turkish Delight and explore Istanbul’s best souvenir-ish boutiques! I ruminated on the word “souvenir,” for quite a while and decided to steer clear of that trite path leading toward mass-produced evil eyes, ... read more

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    The Best Contemporary Art Museums and Galleries of Istanbul

    Istanbul is no stranger to great art; from miniatures, calligraphy, paper marbling, painting to ceramics and not to mention the breathtaking tiles in mosques, we are always surrounded by imagination, creativity and centuries old beauty. In ... read more

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    10 Ingredients Found in Turkish Cuisine

    Turkish cuisine is a blend of savory, succulent, sugar-coated goodness.  Due to Turkey’s location between Eastern and Western powers Istanbul is a confluence of civilizations culturally, linguistically, and gastronomically.  Think of your favorite ethnic foods.  Greek food ... read more

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    Taking The Istanbul Taxi

    If we, for a moment, disregard Istanbul’s traffic issue (most comparable to an additional circle in Dante’s Inferno) taxicabs are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around. However, there are a few rules ... read more